A car stuck in April snow in District XII.
© Balázs Mohai
A car stuck in April snow in District XII.
The middle regions of Hungary are experiencing snow irregular for the season today, causing slight havoc in affected areas, according to reports. Hungarian Police have even suspended an anti-speeding crackdown scheduled for today.

The precipitation brought by today's overcast weather has led to snowfall in the central areas of the country, causing traffic jams on the streets, according to reports. In higher hills in the country, some 50 centimeters of snow cover is expected by the end of the day.

The Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) has issued yellow and orange warnings for wind and precipitation in the central and western parts of the country. The OMSZ said the current weather is being caused by a cyclone.

Some regions of the country have experienced repeated power outages, according to Hungarian news portal index.hu, while the capital's public transport has also been negatively affected, with some lines seeing delays due to the unexpectedly severe weather.