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Australian children who are not up-to-date with their vaccines are being refused treatment.

Remember, a hospital would treat someone wounded from a gunshot after being caught murdering another human being. However, they will not treat a child whose parent chose not to vaccinate them. Australia is becoming authoritarian madness and putting its own dogma ahead of the people it is supposed to treat.

This, in essence, is medical practitioners deciding the fate of the people. What would we be saying right now if these same medical personnel decided to refuse treatment to those who voted a specific way or belonged to a certain political party? What if parental tax returns were considered as well? If a child's parents didn't pay taxes, the child can't be treated. The Government would be looking to collect the tax. In this case, pharma is looking to collect its own taxation.

The fleecing is dangerous and diabolical. This is government intrusion and persuasion and it is putting children's lives at risk. And most of all, it is discrimination. This is ironic considering the liberalism movement which seems motivated to make sure we live in a utopia free and clear of any judgment, yet this new maneuver is the worst offense of all.

In 2016, 'No jab, no pay," began to remove government funds from families who opted out of vaccines for their children. This latest move is essentially turning up the volume on the pressure to mandate vaccinations across the land. What's even worse is the thought of what might be next on the horizon. Forced vaccinations? Maybe families will be asked for vaccine documents while eating out or get the occasional government visit to their homes.

The future most certainly seems bleak.