Floodwater in Hungary

Floodwater in Hungary
Parts of Hungary are on flood alert, with melting ice causing mayhem.

It is the flip side of a rise in temperatures, after weeks of freezing conditions.

Some homes are submerged in the east of the country, with boats and piers also damaged..

When blocks of ice came dangerously close to a power plant, icebreaker vessels were deployed.

On the frozen Tisza River, a ferry was trapped after being swept away by ice floes. Fortunately a military helicopter was at hand to rescue the night watchman on board.

Earlier this month, media reports raised the alarm about the flooding risk.
#Icy #Tsunami Is Coming - Scary Prospects About #Flooding #River #Tiszahttps://t.co/RSIh82cn3d pic.twitter.com/I8CU4RpB4v

— Hungary Today (@HungaryToday) 6 février 2017
Hundreds of kilometres of waterways are affected by the flood alert. And while there are no reports of injuries yet, authorities are urging the utmost vigilance.