Hamilton, Ohio water tower
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Some say it shook homes, knocked items off their walls.

Numerous people living on the west side of Hamilton reported hearing a loud boom around 5:40 p.m. Sunday. Some say it even shook their homes and knocked items off their walls.

"No other way to explain it other than a loud boom," Darryl Pies said. "It was different than firecrackers or perhaps a transformer blowing up. I mean,it was 'boom,' and a little bit of a rumble after that."

Earl Caudill said he felt it. "I felt the concussion. You could feel the concussion from it," he said. "Of course, you come out to see if you could see smoke and stuff. There was no smoke out here."

Multiple people called 911 after hearing the noise. "It shook my mom's apartment. I mean, it was huge, and now all kinds of people are saying they felt it, so it was something," one caller said. Another caller said, "It was so bad that it blew a clock off my wall."

Despite the calls to report the noise, Hamilton police said there have been no reports of any explosions or accidents.

The mystery behind the boom has the internet buzzing with theories. "As far as a sonic boom, no," Caudill said. He said he didn't hear any jets.

The Hamilton Utility Department said it hasn't had any issues either.