ice stacking on Lake Baikal
© YouTube/Hautebook Glamour
The ice on Lake Baikal (pictured) began to break up into shards when it arrived on the shoreline.
A dramatic video has captured the moment ice 'waves' crash onto the shore of a lake in Russia. At first glance, it looked like a regular wave was breaking on the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia - not far from the border with Mongolia. But in fact the 'wave' was an example of a rare phenomenon, known as 'ice stacking'. The ice breaks into shards after it hits the shoreline and remarkably even appears to look like a genuine wave.

Part of the lake seems to be frozen and camera footage shows the shards forming on the shore. The detailed footage clearly shows each shard breaking as it continues to move forward and up onto the beach.

The unusual occurrence took place after ice started to form on top of the lake due to a mild winter. As a result, warmer air blows across the lake and the ice begins to move in large sheets. The sheets of ice then hit the shore and immediately break up into shards and then become stacked on top of each other.