Car bombed
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A suicide bomber is suspected to have killed at least 10 people in a heavily secured district of the Syrian capital.

It is believed that the attack happened in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood where the Syrian government holds several major security installments, a local police source said. Syrian TV outlets first reported the deaths while an unknown number are injured. Eye-witnesses on the scene corroborated reports of multiple deaths. ​Its not clear what explosives were carried in the car.

Multiple individuals were "seriously wounded" among the group of victims admitted to the hospital, a source told RIA Novosti in via phone. The source added that the blast was most likely a terrorist attack. A witness told RIA Novosti in a phone call earlier in the day that the explosion occurred near a sports complex in the Kafr Sousa district.

The bombing occured near the Al Andalus Hospital, according to reports originating in Damascus. In multiple videos of the carnage, bodies lay strewn across the street.