Maybe they are Soros backed. We can sense that Hillary Clinton has her fingerprints all over this one.
They sprung up out of nowhere. A group of "scientists" who cracked the code and exposed 200 sites as being controlled by the evil Russian deep state.

American patriots, going by the name PropOrNot, figured out that Trump's election victory, and Hillary's election defeat, was part of an elaborate Kremlin plan.

It was a plan that oversaw anti-Hillary "fake news" stories distributed across computer screens and Facebook feeds of unsuspecting American voters, via news sites that are under the mind control of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

PropOrNot exposed it all, and they now have the list of sites that are fully owned and operated by The Kremlin, published on their website as a warning to all innocent American citizens to beware of the sinister plot to take away Hillary Clinton's God given right to rule over the land.

Who are these people who risked everything to expose the Russian deep state mind control power in media...
PropOrNot is an independent team of computer scientists, statisticians, national security professionals, journalists, and political activists dedicated to identifying propaganda - particularly Russian propaganda targeting a US audience. We collect public-record information connecting propaganda outlets to each other and their coordinators abroad, analyze what we find, act as a central repository and point of reference for related information, and organize efforts to oppose it.

We work to shine a light on propaganda in order to prevent it from distorting political and policy discussions, to strengthen our cultural immune systems against hostile influence, and to improve public discourse generally.

Many of our contributors wish to stay anonymous, in light of possible Russian retaliation, as has happened in Finland and elsewhere.
The anonymous "good guys" calling out the not-so-anonymous Russian propagandists.

Maybe the "good guys" from PropOrNot are funded by the CIA. Maybe they are Soros backed. We can sense that Hillary Clinton has her fingerprints all over this one. The "fake news" coupled with Russian intrigue and Jill Stein voter recounts...the perfect storm to try and wrestle the White House out of Trump's hands, and into safer, globalist arms.

Perhaps Zerohedge can help us identify the men and women behind the PropOrNot movement..
In its attempt to redirect the public's attention from its historic failure to deliver unbiased, objective, factual reporting in the context of the presidential election in which virtually every single mainstream media outlet was revealed (courtesy of the hacked Podesta emails) and acted as a Public Relations arm for the Clinton campaign, said media has opened a new can of worms by ushering in the topic of "fake news" - a purposefully vague, undefined term meant to deflect and scapegoat by "exposing" propaganda websites, which in the latest incarnation of the narrative, are now allegedly serving to further Russian propaganda in the US.

As we reported earlier, none other than the Washington Post - a company owned by Jeff Bezos, who for the past year has been involved in a famous media spat with president-elect Donald Trump - pounced on a list created by a website that was created (according to its whois profile) on August 21 using as registrar and had its first tweet on November 2, and which among others, lists Drudge Report and Zero Hedge as representatives of "Russian propaganda."

This is how the "scientists" at the Goebbels-esque "PropOrNot" describe their qualifications in determining and recommending which websites are fit to be burned (starting with a plea for investigations by the Obama administration) in a post "fake news" world.
In other words, while attacking the anonymity of so-called "Russian propaganda" websites (websites which chose to remain anonymous knowing this kind of retaliation was inevitable), the public servants and experts devoted to rooting out Russian propaganda in the US opt, themselves, to remain anonymous.

To be sure, we have no interest in uncovering who may be behind this particular organization (which conveniently stepped in after a similar list was floated last week by a discredited liberal professor, who likewise defined Zero Hedge as "fake news"). We do, want, however to warn readers about who the real source of documented fake news in the US traditionally has been. The US government itself, through its vast espionage and counterespionage apparatus.