Libya Gaddafi
Let real history and the truth show that, in 2011, psychopathic warmongers in Washington and Europe deliberately targeted and slaughtered tens of thousands of people in Libya and brutally murdered their beloved leader, Muammar Gaddafi, his public sodomization and execution publicly broadcast to the gloating and glee of animals like Hillary Clinton. Western powers transported mercenary jihadis into the country to attack military bases and public institutions. When the Libyan military rightly defended themselves, Washington and Europe denounced it as 'Gaddafi killing his own people', and this lie was used to do precisely what NATO accused Gaddafi of doing.

Today, Libya is a destroyed nation, with public services and society in general in ruins. Millions still suffer the after-effects of Western 'regime change', as NATO warplanes still bomb the country, desperately seeking to secure access to Libya's natural resources, the real reason for their destruction and dismemberment of the country.