Comment: The mainstream media is falling all over itself to assure us that Killary is now 'way ahead of Trump in the polls' following her 'win' in the 2nd debate.

But does the American public agree with the pundits?

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According to online polls scoring the second presidential debate Sunday night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a landslide win over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

With about 659,000 votes in, Trump led Clinton 58.64 percent to 41.36 percent in the Drudge Report Poll.

The Right Scoop's poll scored 75.77 percent for Trump to 19.92 percent for Clinton.

Breitbart's poll showed Trump with 93.25 percent while Clinton was at 6.75 percent.

The poll on Mediaite showed Trump ahead 53.21 percent to 46.79 percent.

Variety magazine's instant poll showed Trump winning 58.61 percent to 41.39 percent.

At BuzzFeed, 63 percent said Trump won against 8 percent for Clinton.

Comment: Unlike the others listed above, BuzzFeed is an ultra-liberal outlet.

Online polls, in which one respondent can vote multiple times, are not scientific. A post-debate CNN/ORC poll showed Clinton winning the debate 57 percent to 34 percent.

Comment: CNN polls are no more scientific (unless one counts cooking the polls for crooked Killary to be 'scientific').

CNN noted that among those being polled, 58 percent said before the debate they supported Clinton.

Comment: In other words, they cooked their poll by first selecting a majority of Killary supporters, then asking them if they think she won the debate.

Yeah, real 'scientific'.

A YouGov poll showed Clinton winning 47 percent to 42 percent.

Voices across Twitter agreed that Trump performed well against Clinton.

Pundits likewise weighed in on Trump's side.

"I give this debate to Trump," wrote William Whalen on Fox News. "Unlike the first debate, when he started strong but fell apart, Trump improved as the night went on. Add to that his decision to bring along the Bill Clinton accusers - the equivalent of Hillary dropping Alicia Machado on Trump at the end of the previous debate - and Trump had good night in terms of strategy and surpassing expectations."

"Facing tremendous pressure to appear contrite and offer a genuine apology for his comments about taking advantage of women some 11 years ago, Donald Trump did something better: he pivoted," commented Douglas E. Schoen on Fox News.

He continued, "Trump emphasized over and over again that Clinton has spent the last 30 years in public service and has little to show for it. He went at her foreign policy record and cited failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran. After missing opportunities to hit Clinton on her emails and Benghazi, he didn't let that happen again, bringing up both several times," he added.