Erdogan on Facetime
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On Bastille Day last week, when all of France was celebrating, the country suffered a third horrific terror attack. This time in the southern city of Nice. With more than 80 dead and scores injured, a single man in a truck managed to help President Hollande legally justify martial law - in perpetuity. Was this yet another false-flag operation in a long string of violent acts to help justify the West's lockdown of Muslims and people everywhere? Or was it something else entirely that is simply being exploited as a convenient tragedy to catapult the narrative?

And right on the heels of the horror in Nice a military-led coup was attempted against the autocratic and corrupt government of President Tayyip Erdogan. Was this an "authentic" coup initiated from within who wants Erdogan out? Was it planned and executed by foreign agents who are upset with Turkey's rapprochement with Russia? Or was the coup a Machiavellian attack on itself using dupes in the military to help Erdogan further solidify his own power?

After discussing these topics, Brent joined us for a Police State Round-up, including the recent shootings and Baton Rouge and other stories.

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