This is a great resource, providing insight not only into how Syrians see the conflict in which they find themselves, but also into the true nature of Daesh. Aside from the obvious American/Israeli support, these two quotes from the production sum it all up:
"No human being can do such horrible things. No one with human nature commits such savage crimes." --Ashwaq Abbas, Political Sciences Lecturer, Damascus University
And the ones that do have a name: psychopaths.
"These groups commit crimes only against Muslims. Show us what positive measures these groups have taken so far. Have they gone to Palestine?" --Nabil al-Halbavi, Syrian member of AhlulBayt World Assembly
The fact is, the people most in danger from so-called Islamic terror are Muslims. Daesh has killed far more Muslims in Iraq and Syria than any other group. Think about that the next time you see someone even slightly "Arab-looking" and feel a bit nervous. And if they're Syrian, not only have they had to deal with barbaric groups like Daesh back at home; they also have to deal with the barbaric bigotry of Westerners who are convinced every Muslim is a potential terrorist. Statistically speaking, it's an utterly absurd notion.