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A Saudi family is demanding their son divorce his wife after seeing her kiss a camel.

The bride's mother-in-law was left incensed after witnessing the smooch and her orders to end the marriage have sparked a family feud.

The couple say they are happy together but the wife is now too scared to return to her husband's home, where her mother-in-law also lives.

The wife kissed the camel spontaneously at the family's home west of Riyadh because she was happy about the profit the animal was generating.

Her enraged mother-in-law believed it to be a violation of social and religious standards and insisted her son divorce his wife.

According to Gulf News, the woman has moved back to her father's house and will return to her husband's house only if she does not have to live with his mother.

The wife thinks the whole ordeal came about because she has yet to have a baby, and just wants the dispute to end so that she can live in peace with her husband.