3.9-ton whale found dead on Shandong beach, workers load it up, drive to freezing plant for further examination
Over the weekend, a mammoth 8.5-meter long, 3.9-ton whale was found dead, washed ashore near Rizhao city in Shandong province.

The locals informed the city bureau of ocean and fishery, who arrived quickly to see one truly massive whale carcass that would have to be moved.

According to NetEase, the staff's initial evaluation was that the whale had been killed by getting tangled up in a fishing net and strangling to death. They needed to get it back to the freezing plant for further examination, so with quite a bit of effort they used a crane to lift the carcass up on a truck and away they went.

We assume that nobody followed too close.

While dead whales washing up on beaches or being caught in fishing nets is quite a rare occurrence in China, it seems to happen quite a bit to whale sharks. While some of these protected animals are released back into the wild, others are brutally slaughtered alive.