© Jarle VikaneVidda in May
Riding through this stuff on a motorcycle must be awfully cold. - Robert

"It happened again yesterday on RV7," says reader.

Cars stuck in snow, another 10-15cm of snow.

Forecast for the next days: Storm with snow over 800m. Even the mainstream media thinks this is special!

I put up some clips on youtube from today's trip in the mountains. Today's road is in the same area as the Suleskardveien in the other video, it's the same area you can find the famous Pulpit Rock in the Lysefjord. Elevation is 800-950m on the highest sections.

Today the weather forcast was quite nice, but when I arrived the temperature was only 2-3C with snowshowers, sleet and rain, even fresh snow along the road. I have never seen this much snow that close to June.

In just a couple of weeks, thousands of sheep are released to graze on these wast areas normally, but this year they will have to wait, and this will force the farmers to let them eat of the grass in the lowlands, that's usually is stored for the next winter.



Weatherforcast for RV7

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