Is it mere coincidence that 'ISIS terror' pops up at the right time and place with respect to the long-term geostrategic interests of the Atlantic Empire?
Are 'Islamic' terrorists in the Balkan region threatening the freedom of the EU?
The European Union is concerned about efforts by Islamist terrorist groups to seize the western Balkans as a springboard for action in the EU. The EU is planning closer cooperation with the countries from the region and tougher controls at border crossings.
One preliminary question to ask might be; how did any such 'Islamic' terrorists wind up in the Balkans in the first place?

Having trained and armed their terror brigades to fight the 'Soviet invaders' during the Afghan-Soviet war, the U.S. was so pleased by their efforts that they expanded their field of operation.
In the wake of the Cold War, the CIA continued to support the Islamic brigades out of Pakistan. New undercover initiatives were set in motion in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans and south East Asia.
As the FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds revealed, the Balkan region, along with Central Asia and the Caucasus, was turned into one of the main fields of operations for 'Gladio B' - that is, using jihadist mercenaries as foot soldiers for the Western empire. So if you hear about terrorists operating out of some location, it's a safe bet that they were put there by our leaders.

While we have no evidence that these alleged terrorists are presently using the Balkans as a springboard for further terror activity in the EU, we do have evidence that the U.S. is doing so. An article that appeared in the Telegraph notes that the U.S., along with Britain and other European states, is shipping weapons to rebels terrorists in Syria - via Zagreb, Croatia.

The claims that 'Islamic' terrorists are operating out of the Balkan region is also being used to justify the crack-down on our ever-eroding civil liberties, and will further serve to target the Muslim population here, which is being blamed as the source of jihadism, terrorism and all things evil.

Since the authorities can't just outright start arresting and spying on people, they need to create the 'reality' of an 'Islamic' terrorist threat. So we get claims about various 'terror cells' that are allegedly operating in and around the Balkans with a view to 'plotting attacks and spreading terror into the EU'.
EU plans to establish closer cooperation with the countries of the region in order to prevent terrorist activities, passengers from the Western Balkans who are traveling to the EU can count on being exposed to additional checks of their travel documents and luggage when entering the Schengen Area.
The hordes of terrorists that are allegedly curled up somewhere in the Balkans are actually furthering the plans of the powers-that-be. We can expect more Western-styled 'freedom arrests' to be made, followed by press conferences announcing more foiled terror plots, all in order to justify the never-ending 'War on terror.'

We get a clue as to what's really going on here when we read how the liberal, ex-pat Balkan media service, 'Balkan Insight', framed this latest 'terror threat' in Europe:
Islamist Terror Threat Draws EU, Balkans Together

New internal security strategy for Europe will involve ever-closer links to security structures in the Western Balkans.
Balkan Insight is part of a regional media network funded by Western NGOs, whose mission is to prepare Yugoslavians for the 'inevitability' of complete assimilation within the EU.

'Security strategies' and 'security structures' are purely NATO's domain, so the idea that security issues would be left to EU civilian bureaucrats is laughable.

The EU is here playing the role of facilitator for the expansion of the Atlantic Empire. The CIA-NATO knows damn well how many 'terrorists' it has in Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania... because it put them there in order to break up Yugoslavia in the 1990s, then later used the 'Kosovo Liberation Army' to bait Milosevic into an action that 'justified' carpet-bombing Serbia, and now to incorporate what remains of the region it first smashed to pieces.

By bringing the 'War on Terror' to the Balkans, the Atlanticists are putting pressure on regional leaders to not wander from the 'inevitability' of their becoming permanent vassal states of the Atlantic Empire.