Aztec ritual human sacrifice
© Unknown, 1550
Human Sacrifice, Magliabechi Codex
When odd, skull-shaped grave items were found by archaeologists decades ago at an Aztec temple in Mexico, they were assumed to be mere toys or ornaments, and were catalogued and stored in warehouses.

However, years later, experts discovered they were creepy 'death whistles' that made piercing noises resembling a human scream, which the ancient Aztecs may have used during ceremonies, sacrifices, or during battles to strike fear into their enemies.

Quijas Yxayotl, a musician who plays an array of traditional Mexican Indian Civilizations instruments, demonstrates an Aztec death whistle.

Comment: If a community was faced with hundreds of these sounds coming at them from the blackness of the jungle, it would be like a horror unleashed.

What about the blackness of space? In more recent times, which links to our historical past as described in many books, there are eerie sounds of planets and sounds associated with comets and electrical discharge. Have a listen to the sound of the flyby/incoming Perseid meteor showers or the sound of the planet Saturn as compressed radio signals outside the audible range. There are also many audible strange sounds being heard around the world such as this: Strange sounds in the sky, Montreal, Canada, 31 October 2012. For an overall look into the subject of sky-sounds, have a look at this SoTT article/video: New Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?

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