Comment: A case for the connection between cosmic and paranormal phenomena?

An English schoolgirl has filmed a dancing fireball in the skies over her Northampton home.

Katie Real, 11, spotted the mysterious glowing orb performing loops across the sky from her window on Saturday evening local time.
The dancing fireball was spotted in the skies above Northampton
A quick-thinking Katie used her laptop to film the unidentified flying object as it ducked and weaved through the clouds before disappearing behind a veil of trees.

In the background her spellbound siblings can be heard debating over what it is.

"Initially we thought it could be a plane on fire but it appeared to be dancing across the sky," Katie's mum 30-year-old Fiona Fearon told the Daily Star.

"It was an amazing sight. It looked like a ball of fire moving around in the sky."

Curious to find out more, Ms Fearon called the local airfield - but they told her it had nothing to do with them.

"I've read about these strange lights appearing during thunder storms called ball lightning but there was not lightning on Saturday night so it's a mystery," she said.