It's not really news, but it still amazes me: for two days in a row now, Jen Psaki, speaking for the regime in Washington, has declared that the USA has doubts about the real affiliation of the Russian journalists working for the Russian news outlet LifeNews. Even though the professional record of these journalists is in the public domain and very well known (they have worked for many years, including abroad), Mrs Psaki believes it is possible that they were spies. Ditto for the reporters of Russia Today which are still being held incommunicado.

Also in the news, the house of Oleg Tsarev has finally been burned.

I say 'finally', because:

1) The oligarch-mobster Kolomoisky had promised that to Tsarev
2) Tsarev had predicted that too
3) The house next to Tsarev had already been torched by mistake

I suppose that Mrs Psaki will speak of a "natural fire", or "spontaneous combustion" or even an "operation of Russian special forces" and threaten Russia with more sanctions.

As for the Western media, it couldn't care less. Just like when Uncle Sam bombed the TV station in Belgrade. After all, anybody opposing the AngloZionist Empire is a) a propagandist and b) subhuman.

I leave you with two pics which says it all.

Kind regards,

The Saker

cop stone