Put together with the information from the Malaysian military about the plane's last radar signal being around Pulau Perak in the Malacca Strait, eyewitness reports of a low-flying plane coming BACK to Malaysia are beginning to make sense.
The authorities here have their hands full after receiving at least two reports from the public that they saw an aircraft flying low on the same day Malaysian Airlines MH370 vanished.

In his report, the owner of a fishing boat claimed that he saw an airplane flying low while he was at sea with a friend about 14.4km from Kuala Besar in Pantai Cahaya Bulan here at 1.30am on Saturday.

Azid Ibrahim, 66, said the aircraft was heading towards international waters.

According to him, the plane was flying so low that he could see the lights "as big as coconuts".

He said he saw the aircraft with his friend Pak De while five other anglers were asleep in the boat.

In a report which appeared on a local English news portal, a man in Ketereh, 30km south of Kota Baru, claimed that he saw "bright white lights" which he believed to be that of an aircraft descending at high speed at 1.45am the same day the jetliner went missing.

Businessman Alif Fathi Abdul Hadi, 29, said he was in the compound of his home when he saw the aircraft flying low, heading for Bachok and descending fast.

He said he only found out about the missing jetplane the next day and decided to lodge a report at the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency office in Tok Bali late Sunday evening.