© WSOCDOT prepares for winter storm.
North Carolina Department of Transportation crews were back on the roads early Monday morning, preparing them for the snow that is expected to fall in the coming days. They already treated some of the major roads Sunday.

Crews will be gassing up trucks and heading out on the roads all morning to pour more brine.

An NCDOT spokesperson said they have replenished their salt supply and are ready to go. Meanwhile, as people are re-stocking ahead of the winter storm, they said supplies are hard to find.

"If it gets bad, I'm just going to stay indoors because the traffic will be horrible," LaToya Patterson said.

Patterson spent her Sunday getting supplies for the storm.

"Last time I was out without a shovel, and now I have a shovel," Patterson said. "So now the only problem is finding salt."

At the Lowe's on Perimeter Parkway, shovels, generators, and gloves were laid out for customers, but salt was nowhere to be found. The store ran out after the last winter storm, and since this storm is happening so soon after, Lowe's hasn't been able to restock.

"Whatever I don't have I just won't have," Patterson said. "I'm done."

The NCDOT has spent all Monday morning pretreating roads with brine. A spokesperson told Channel 9 that 25 trucks have laid down close to 71,000 gallons of brine thus far. But people Eyewitness News spoke with said they won't risk driving on them at all.

"I'm not going outside if the weather is bad," John Foster said.

"I will definitely stay off the road," Priscilla Ford said.

Ford is also worried about school.

Duke Energy also wants customers to be prepared in case snow or ice causes power outages this week.

Duke has a toll-free automated outage reporting line that you can call at 1-800-769-3766. A spokesperson also said to consider moving to a shelter or another location if there is an extended outage.

Video coverage here.