Man was frustrated about being asked to change the baby's diaper.

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A Florida man is being held without bond on a charge of aggravated child abuse after he allegedly became so enraged about having to stop playing Xbox to change a diaper that he broke a month-old baby's leg.

The baby's grandmother told police that 20-year-old Citrus County man Paul Lajeunesse often would get upset about having to change the child's diaper and that she was concerned about how he handled the baby.

On Dec. 11, she asked Lajeunesse, who doesn't work and spends most of his time at home, to change the baby's diaper while he was playing Xbox.

Already frustrated with how his game was going, Lajeunesse lifted the infant's legs and "heard a pop and saw the right leg go limp."

After the baby's grandmother brought the infant to the doctor, X-rays revealed that the baby's leg had been fractured.

It's unclear what relationship Lajeunesse has with the victim, but he has been ordered to not have any further contact with the child.