Radiation in Fukushima groundwater skyrockets 3,500+ times over weekend - Just 5 meters from Pacific Ocean - Nothing being done to stop it flowing into sea
© AFP/Jiji Press

Tepco, Dec. 17, 2013: As a result of the measurement, it was found that the gross-β density in the groundwater observation hole No.0-3-2 obtained at the east of the Units 1-4 Turbine Buildings on December 16 [was] 63,000Bq/L [...]

Jiji Press, Dec. 17, 2013: Highest Ever Radiation Detected in Fukushima Plant Well [...] Some 63,000 becquerels of radioactive materials that emit beta rays, such as strontium-90, per liter have been found in groundwater [...] the highest level at the well [Tepco] said Tuesday [...] sample [was] taken on Monday from the observation well 5 meters from the coast [...] Since the company is not takings steps to prevent tainted water in the well from flowing into the sea [...] the water is likely to be reaching the plant's bay. [...] standards require strontium-90 levels to be less than 10 becquerels in water to be released into the sea. [...]

Dec. 13, 2013 Sampling: Gross β @ Below detection limit of 18 Bq/L