Washing Car
© Police State USA
Garden City - A couple of friends cleaning up a car they had just purchased were threatened by the police for car washing in their own driveway. The reach of the nanny state truly has no bounds when it comes to dictating what people must do on their own private property.

Johnathan Schmidt and Eric Jeer were minding their own business and about to wash a used Volkswagen Golf they purchased together. They were standing in their own private driveway, when a police officer walked onto the property.

"Is there a problem?" said Schmidt.

"The problem... is that your neighbor doesn't like you," said the officer.

"That's not my fault," said Schmidt.

"It is, when he starts calling about things being done against the village ordinance," said Officer Buonaiuto. "Such as doing any kind of work here, or any kind of detailing, like washing the car; things like that you're not allowed to do."

The officer attempted to smile for the camera and be cordial while he enforced the unjust laws. He pulled out a copy of the law and read it to the men, who stood in disbelief. The officer explained that the men were not allowed to do any work so long as they were in "public view."

"I don't make this sh-t up," the officer explained. "I got a call from my lieutenant to come over here."

"This is a battle that you don't want to start, I'll tell ya now," said Buonaiuto, daring the men to wash the car in front of him.

When officers are willing to enforce any petty law, no matter how obviously wrongheaded it is, what hope do we have that they will resist enforcement of more egregious violations of our rights? When strangers can boss you around on your own property, how free are we?

The man's video of the encounter is available below: