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Concern over the ongoing occurrence

Two new meteorites fell in Greece last night, the first one spotted over Attica and the second over the Ionian Sea, between Zakynthos and Kefalonia where the previous one had fallen.

According to professor of geology Efthymios Lekkas, these past two weeks the country has received a small meteor shower.

As Mr Lekkas said in channel SKAI's morning broadcast, he has a video of one of these meteorites at his disposal.

However in both cases of Attica and the Ionian sea there was no report of the celestial object falling on the land, and it is very probable that we are talking about a fall within the bounds of the sea once again.

The experts believe that the fall of the meteorite in Greece has nothing to do with comet ISON, in fact considering it a commonplace event.

What they don't explain however is why there's such an outbreak of the phenomena this last week all over the world, without them being able to offer a convincing answer.

On November 27 a meteorite fall was noted in Alberta, Canada, with the event being visible from Vancouver to Calgary and other neighbouring areas. The same day in Australia, another meteorite disturbed many regions in Oceania. The meteorite sighting lasted for 9 seconds, its main body being of reddish color and its tail ochre yellow. Next the meteorite broke up into two pieces, with the largest being dissolved into 15-20 fragments, and the smaller in 5-10, according to inhabitants' reports.

On November 24 there's a meteorite fall in Georgia, U.S.A.

On November 26, again in Canada, in Quebec, an object became visible and it was coming into the earth's atmosphere, scaring the citizens with a very loud sound, but without being able to cross-reference its impact point. According to astronomer Andrew Fazekas though, the sound that was heard was due to the explosion coming from the meteorite.

The same day in California, the lunarmeteoritehunters blog reoprted the fall of yet another meteorite.

On November 25 in Ottawa, Canada, eyewitnesses detected flaming objects falling just outside the city.

On November 22nd, the falling of a meteorite turns night into day for a few seconds in Ukraine, while during the same 24-hour period other objects fell in the eastern coasts of the U.S.A., causing the bafflement of experts and journalists, without anyone being able to explain where they came from.

Most scientists talk about rocks that fall from the sky but no one is able to provide a convincing answer for the sudden increase of the phenomenon since the explosion of the meteorite in Russia's Chelyabinsk on February 15.