According to police surveillance footage, a 33-year-old blind man walking alone in the Germantown section of Philadelphia was shoved, beaten, and robbed while witnesses walked by without intervening.

The incident took place on Oct. 2 and police have released this video hoping the footage will help lead to an arrest of the attacker. The victim, who said he did not recognize the voice of the attacker, suffered injuries to his head and face.

While the whole "those bystanders should have helped" argument is more than a little simple - helping is often difficult and dangerous - the video shows one dude just crossing street, glancing back at the guy getting stomped, and continuing on. No stopping and yelling, no nothing. It's fucking heartbreaking.

According to Charles Ramsey, the Philadelphia Chief of Police, it's becoming more common for witnesses to pull out their phones and record a video than it is to call the police.

And if the video doesn't upset you, the comments on this article certainly will. City of Brotherly love, my ass.

[Video above via Philadelphia Police]