Warren Jeffs
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Warren Jeffs is a self-proclaimed "prophet of God," and he's now sharing his prophecies with one of Arizona's top leaders -- Attorney General Tom Horne.

From behind bars in Palestine, Texas, Jeffs telephones his followers who transcribe his words and often send copies of them to public officials.

The ABC15 Investigators have obtained copies of correspondence sent to Horne's office last month. The "revelations" are a mixture of orders, visions and demands.

See the revelations sent on July 5 , July 12 , and July 23.

Horne said he's concerned because the revelations show that Jeffs still has control over the FLDS community in Colorado City, Ariz.

"It's the worst injustice happening in Arizona right now," he said.

Jeffs is the leader of the polygamist FLDS church. But he's currently serving more than 100 years in prison for child molestation.

Former members of the FLDS community said that Jeffs writes the revelations on a regular basis to be studied and carried out by his followers.

"Warren is claiming that these are revelations from God through him to all leaders in the world," said Flora Jessop, who escaped from Colorado City and the FLDS church two decades ago. "It makes me angry a little bit that he is allowed to continue to spread this kind of crap."

Flora was finally able to help her sister Ruby escape the church earlier this year. Ruby was forced to marry at 14 and gave birth to the first of her six children at 16.

The two sisters are not afraid of expressing their feelings about Jeffs.

"I hated him for marrying me off," Ruby Jessop said.

"He's not only a hypocrite, he's a criminal. He's a liar. He's a pedophile," Flora Jessop said. "It makes me angry because people don't understand how hard it is to admit that everything you've been taught your entire life is a lie."

Flora Jessop considers some of Jeffs' revelations nothing more than threats.

"He's basically stating that, sooner or later, he's going to order the destruction of everyone who he doesn't think is obeying him," Flora Jessop said.

In one of his recent edicts, Jeffs calls himself a "missionary of pure power," and that he has the "power to destroy all world with my full godhood."

Attorney General Tom Horne responded jokingly, "I don't think he has that much power."

But Horne admits that Jeffs' control over the FLDS community and Colorado City is a serious problem.

He's spent the past few years trying to get the legislature to disband the Colorado City Marshals office, the local law enforcement agency, which Horne said is controlled by the church and Jeffs.

But Horne's attempts have failed.

"It's my top legislative priority," Horne said.

In the revelations sent to Horne, Jeffs also predicts that a "sudden storm of great destruction cometh" unless authorities return land and property seized from his church.

In other revelations Jeffs said he should lead the United Nations and has things to say about Pakistan along with China and Iran.

Jeffs also issues orders that the world should "not help Libya."

He also instructs all the inhabitants of Somoa to flee the island because it will disappear into the ocean.

Another Jeffs edict is an effort to get himself out of jail. Jeffs said "I shall do more for Texas" if authorities release him and other FLDS members from prison.

And something the Jessops said is ironic: Jeffs speaks out against adultery, child labor and child prostitution even though he's committed some of those crimes himself.

"The people are hurting. The people are suffering. He doesn't care," Flora Jessop said. "He tells (his) people that it is their faith that can have him released. That when they are faithful enough that he will get out. So when he doesn't get out, it's because the people are not faithful enough. They aren't obedient enough. They aren't suffering enough."