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23 May 2013 - Diane Rourke, Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada 11:53 pm central
15 seconds duration. From west to northeast. Fireball with yellowish white color. Very bright and lasted a long time, amazing!
23 May 2013 - Charity Woods, Grandview, Manitoba, 23:50
At least 20 seconds duration. I lost sight of it becuse of trees in the way. It appeared to be going from west to east. I was facing west. White color. No sound. It looked like a huge ball of fire. I thought a plane was going down. It was brighter than the moon, and it's a full moon tonight! It looked huge and amazing!
23 May 2013 - C.K., Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada 22:50
30 seconds duration in clear sky. WOW! SW to NE travel. Orange with long tail. Bright and large, best meteor we've ever seen! Very bright orange fireball with sparks coming from the tail. Best ever stellar event!
23 May 2013 - Christi Fallows and Cameron Morrison NE of Yorkton, SK, Canada 22:51 central standard approx
10 to 15 seconds Facing N, travelled from west to east...compared to a clock face it would have started at 10 and ended at 3 bright red/orange glow, circle shaped in the front,with a long orange tail with a smokey looking trail behind it, no sound heard bright as a harvest moon couldn't tell no photo, seemed to disappear behind the clouds but was still visible, waited outside for a couple minutes but didn't hear or see anything else
23 May 2013 - Carrie T Wadena, SK 22:50 central
approximately 10 seconds. We were facing east in the sky. The meteor flew NE in the sky, right to left. No sound, however bright orange tail. As it seemed to get closer in the sky, I could actually see it break and flare up again as it got lower into the atmosphere. As bright as an orange flame in the sky. Yes, definitely a fair size chunk broke off. Almost looked like something was burning in the sky but wasn't moving as fast as other meteors you normally see off in the distance. Was very bright orange and left a fairly long tail behind it. Broke off a bit and continued on north east. Not sure if it completely burnt up, or we just lost site of it because it went off too far in the distance.
23 May 2013 - jody ruszkowski east of prince albert saskatchewan 2245 central
10-15 seconds heading north north east right to left bright yellow as bright as the moon appeared to be breaking up was very large and bright but dimmed as it was breaking apart
23 May 2013 - Cath Ollenberg Hudson bay Saskatchewan, Canada 23
10-15 Secs SW to NE Bright white front with red tail Same as moon yes, splintered 3 times then faded no photo.
23 May 2013 - Gary Kreklewich Melville, Saskatchwan, Canada 22:45 Saskatchewan time zone
About 20 seconds Southwest to Northeast like a comet, glowing very bright at times Very bright at times, fireball in the sky Saw a few parts break off towards the end creating smaller fireballs Wish I had a camera at the time.
23 May 2013 - Diane Rourke Minto Mb Canada 11:53 pm central standard time
15 seconds travelled west to north east, I was facing north Red fireball, followed by very bright light Very bright and colorful not that I could see It was amazing, bright, spellbinding