Gabon flamingos


Greater flamingos have returned to Gabon
The Greater flamingo, Phoenicopterus roseus, a migratory species that had not been reported in Gabon for many decades, has been observed in Gabon's Akanda National Park.

The flamingos were spotted on the Gabonese coast during the tour organized as part of the commemoration of the World Migratory Bird Day.

The birds were seen on the mudflats of Moka Island; A total of 77 individuals, adults and immature birds, were observed. Apart from the flamingos, dozens of other species were spotted, including pelicans, black skimmers, Curlew sandpiper, yellow-billed stork, herons, storks, various terns, and more.

Unlike lesser flamingo, which is occasionally observed in Gabon, the Greater flamingo had completely disappeared from Gabon. Their return to the mudflats of Moka, in March 2013, is a testament to the remarkable richness of the environment, as well as the tranquillity found in the park, now that the Nigerian fishermen who had taken up residence have departed.