Great news. The TSA is expanding their services. I think it is on page 2,132 of the Obamacare law. They now test for:
Cancer Screening_1
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Prostate cancer.
Cancer Screening_2
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Breast cancer.
Cancer Screening_3
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Even Anus Cancer!
A leukemia patient making what she calls an "end-of-life" trip to Hawaii says she was embarrassed by security agents at the Seattle airport who refused her request for a private pat-down and made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages.

Michelle Dunaj (dun-AY') also says an agent at Sea-Tac Airport opened a saline bag, contaminating fluid she needs to survive.

TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis tells KOMO-TV it's against policy to deny a private screening for passengers who request it. The agency is investigating.

The security screening happened last week as the Detroit-area woman was traveling through Seattle to Hawaii.

Dunaj says she thought she had prepared, calling the airline ahead of time to request a wheelchair and ask how to send her medicines through security.