"Whose streets? CIA's streets!.." Al Qaeda database members from the UK, EU and Libya gather in Syria to terrorise it on behalf of their paymasters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.
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Germany's federal government is being criticized by its left faction over its stance regarding the violence in Syria. The cause was a parliamentary enquiry to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Houla massacre. Furthermore, German intelligence agents are involved in Syria.

The left faction has strongly criticized the federal government's position regarding what it knows about the Syrian Hula massacre on May 25th. Representative Sevim Dagdelen criticised how on the one hand the federal government repeated the view of an international investigative commission that "powers close to regime", i.e. militia close to president Assad, were "responsible" for the majority of victims' deaths, but on the other hand the government stated it doesn't have "incriminating information" when asked about the details of the massacre's circumstances.

The representative referred to replies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a parliamentary enquiry. The federal government's reply stated: "From the point of view of the federal government, the primary threat to the civilian population comes through the continued military violence of the Syrian regime." Over the period July 5th until 15th July the government has been repeatedly briefed about the massacre in Houla by the Federal Intelligence Service.

With regard to the reports of the Federal Intelligence Service, it was stated: "The preparation of this report is classified after being registered as confidential for reasons of public interest and has been deposited in the Security of Information Office of the German Bundestag."

At the same time, on being questioned about the details of the incidents in May, the wording used was that there was no "corresponding incriminating information" on the issue.

Inaccurate numbers on "armed resistance"

The federal government's reply notes that Syria's armed resistance consists of various groupings. There was no "incriminating information" as to the forces of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA), whose numbers of up to 40,000 people as publicized on the internet seemed "significantly inflated". The armed resistance was equipped "mainly with small arms and anti-tank defense small arms".

On the question of what information the federal government has on the type and extent of the weapons, which has been delivered to the Syrian regime as well as to the opposition, the reply states: "Answering this question is not possible for the federal government for reasons of nondisclosure pertaining to the publicly viewable part of the reply to the minor interpellation." It must be classified as "secret". The answer could be inspected in the Bundestag's Security of Information Office.

The federal government's reply also stated that from the end of December 2011 to the beginning of July 2012 there have been around 90 terrorist attacks, "which can be attributed to organizations close to al-Qaida or jihadist groupings".

In a statement Mrs. Dagdelen reproached federal governement of state intelligence involvement. In doing so, they were "blindly" participating in the propaganda of the allies and thereby working on escalating the conflict and "precluding avoidance of military participation in due course".