Two children from Ashland, Missouri are dead on this Independence Day after an incident at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says Alexandra Anderson, 13, and her brother Brayden, 8, were swimming near the 6.5 mile marker in the Gravois Arm of the lake when they were electrocuted.

The Patrol says the "unknown source of electricity" killed the children just after 12 p.m.

"They were swimming out in the water at a private dock as they had probably done many times before and at some point in time they both received a shock," says Sgt. Paul Reinsch. "And at this time, the investigation is trying to determine exactly where that electricity came from."

Several adults at the scene were able to get the children out of the water and perform CPR until medical personnel arrived.

Crews took them to Lake Regional Hospital where doctors pronounced them dead.

The Highway Patrol continues to investigate their deaths, and says the source of the electrocution will likely be announced Thursday morning.

"I know they've got several docks there with slides they go down and pumps that pump water onto the slides," adds Sgt. Reinsch. "That could be a possibility."

Troopers say the national news media has been in contact with them, and tell KOLR/KOZL the timing is eerie, considering a similar incident happened on the same day in Tennessee.

The CBS News affiliate, WVLT Knoxville, says a 10-year-old boy died and an 11-year-old was revived near a boat dock in Bean Station, Tenn.