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"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange." - Inception (2010). Director/Writer: Christopher Nolan.
"We believe the hypnotist - the "official culture" - and we are able, with preternatural cunning, to deny what is often right in front of our faces." - Laura Knight-Jadczyk, "Mass Mind Control."
"Movies are an authoritarian medium. They vulnerabilize you and then dominate you. Part of the magic of going to a movie is surrendering to it, letting it dominate you." - David Foster Wallace.
"Hypnos is the God of Sleep, which he induces with purest opium smoked through a horn. He could also be the God of Dangerous Addictions, as he works for Hades with his brother Thanatos, the God of Death." - Godchecker.
"Hypnos enters the sleep of mortals and, at the bidding of the Olympians, gives them dreams of foolishness or inspiration, depending on the individual and their divine protectors or enemies.

Hypnos is husband to Aglia, one of the Graces, because he did a very dangerous favor for Hera. During the Trojan War, Hera wanted to distract Zeus from the battle so she could assist the Achaians, who seemed to be losing the war. She wanted Hypnos to cast a spell of sleep on Zeus but he refused. At first Hera offered Hypnos a golden throne crafted by her son Hephaestus but she was forced to raise the ante when Hypnos reminded her of the only time he had dared cast sleep on Zeus. Long before the Trojan War, Hera was angry at Heracles and she had persuaded Hypnos to make Zeus sleep while she tormented the hero. When Zeus awoke, he was in a rage. He searched for Hypnos and finally found him hiding in the arms of his mother, Nyx (Night). Zeus overcame his anger and simply warned Hypnos not to try such a trick again, and Hypnos went unpunished.

In preparation for this new deception, Hypnos made Hera swear oaths of her sincerity. He agreed to help her deceive Zeus for the hand of one of the Graces, Aglia (or Pasithea). He turned himself into a bird and, before Zeus could see him, hid in the tops of the trees on Mount Ida. He stayed hidden until Hera had seduced Zeus. When the father of gods was dulled by pleasure and sleep, Hypnos flew to Poseidon and urged him to increase his efforts in helping the Akhaians because Zeus was asleep and unaware of the Earth Shaker's meddling. Poseidon strode through the ranks of soldiers and urged them on. Finally, his bellowing and screeching roused Zeus from his slumber but, in that short time, the Akhaians had turned the battle back on the Trojans. Hera's trick had worked. Zeus never found out that Hypnos had betrayed him (again)." - Stewart, Michael. "Hypnos", Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant.
"Oh Zeus Universal, if you hear our song,
Show us again your immortal power
In this darkest hour." - Sophocles: Oedipus the King.
Mystics and Sufis believe man is a dreamwalker, wandering in a dream state, and lost in the sleep of civilization. Idries Shah, a Sufi teacher, voiced this view in a 1970 BBC documentary called, "One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers." He said:
"There is an old saying: 'Man is asleep. Must he die before he wakes up?' I want to show you some examples of the things I feel keep us all dreamwalking. We all think of ourselves as logical people: people who are capable of changing our minds, for instance, if we get superior information, more information which tells us that our former beliefs or prejudices were untrue. Doctor Ward Edwards of the University of Michigan Engineering Psychology Laboratory has disproved this in a most alarming manner. He has shown that 1/3 of people are not able to change their minds once they have made them up on the basis of inaccurate information, even if accurate information is subsequently given to them."
Shah goes on to demonstrate an example with a child, and says that children are quicker to correct their mistakes and adjust their thinking than adults because, "adults lose the honesty and vitality of children and often settle into lives full of contradictions."

In our culture, admitting that you are wrong about something and that your beliefs are not backed up by facts is one of the most difficult tasks for an individual. The fear of changing one's mind is very powerful. And it is natural to experience fear about some things. I experience fear on a social level, but intellectually I can contemplate any idea. So we all have different fears, and all of us can learn from each other by discussing our fears freely.

Overcoming the fear of speaking one's mind requires constant work. The most important thing to admit is that the fear of sounding crazy is stupid, and a mentally free individual should not be consumed by this fear.

It takes a strong will to reject consensus thinking, especially in the age of mass media. In our time it is easy to get wooed by the agents of hell and darkness who wish to enslave the human spirit. Modern totalitarian cult leaders like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Barack Obama are able to woo the people and con them into believing lies because they are well versed in the techniques of mass hypnosis and mass brainwashing. They masterfully put their blind followers in a state of total subservience, and then dictate to them what is real and what is fake, what is good and what is bad.

President Obama's politically scripted announcement of the invented killing of Osama Bin Laden last year and his carefully state-managed remarks this year in Afghanistan is a perfect example of how a national cult leader can get away with making up absolute bullshit and sell it to the public as gold.

The intelligence agencies that train and instruct these political idols have secretly acquired a large body of knowledge about the darker side of the human psyche over the last century and they have used this knowledge to enslave the minds of the masses and create a permanently subconscious public. The CIA's research into mass hypnosis, brainwashing, and mind control has been documented by several authors. Read Walter Bowart's speech, "The Secret History of Mind Control," for a start.

The victims of mass hypnosis in America and the Western world believe every dangerous truth that challenges the government's official narrative of history is a conspiracy theory. The political term "conspiracy theory" inspires dread and anxiety in the mind because of its connection with insanity, irrationality, paranoia, and other labels associated with mental illness.

Researcher and author Laura Knight-Jadczyk suggests in her article, "Mass Mind Control," that the victim of government mind control can't even muster enough brain power to question why the term "conspiracy theory" triggers discomfort and evasion. She wrote:
"The first thing we want to think about is the fact that the word "conspiracy" evokes such a strong reaction in all of us: nobody wants to be branded as a "conspiracy theorist." It just isn't "acceptable." It's "un-scientific" or it's evidence of mental instability. Right? That's what you are thinking, isn't it?

In fact, I bet that the very reading of the word even produces certain physiological reactions: a slight acceleration of the heartbeat, and perhaps a quick glance around to make sure that no one was watching while you simply read the word silently.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY the word evokes such an instantaneous emotional reaction? Have you ever wondered why it stimulates such a strong "recoil?" After all, it is only a word. It only describes the idea of people in "high places" thinking about things and doing things that manipulate other people to produce benefits for themselves."
Applying the techniques of mass hypnosis and mind control on a population is not enough to control a country and lead it to the dark side against the will of the people. Trauma is key to destroying the will of the people and paralyzing the minds of citizens. The dark art of mass hypnosis has to be used in combination with state terrorist events like 9/11 and 7/7 that result in the deaths of thousands of bystanders and citizens.

In Greek mythology, the god of sleep (Hypnos) plays an instrumental role in war. He puts the enemy to sleep, much like what the U.S. government is doing with the American people and the people of the world. The power of Hypnos is definitely a game-changer. It is much easier to fight a mentally weary and spiritually sluggish enemy than an enemy that is fully awake and charged with the power of the universe.

With the power of Hypnos, the U.S. government and its allies have tried to put mankind to sleep. But they have not been successful with this strategy since the majority of mankind is awake and knows that the CIA and Mossad did 9/11. People know they are living in a dream state, and that what is being passed off as reality by U.S., British, and Israeli officials is not the true, objective reality.

The triumph of myth over reality cannot last forever because the power of truth is greater than the power of illusion. But it will endure for the time being, especially if the U.S. government stages another massive terror attack in America and imposes Martial Law in the aftermath of the tragedy.

When the nightmares of the Dream State in Washington come to life, some people will be mentally prepared to face them with composure and not lose their minds, and some people will lose themselves. As the time of collapse approaches closer, make sure to maintain a strong mind. Do not allow the madness to grip your soul, or you will sink.