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Bigfoot and a UFO
This will be my second time interviewing Stan Gordon, the first being at The Church Of Mabus radio show that can be found here for your listening pleasure. Though Stan touches on the UFO Sasquatch connection, he also even more so touches on Sasquatch itself. He is a researcher which I prefer over a hunter any day. I find him to be one of the most genuine people in the field that I have ever met and had the pleasure of speaking with. I also feel that he offers great insight and open mindedness to the UFO Sasquatch connection. I feel this is important because there are many in the field who are not courageous enough to do so. When the parallel is so strongly there with eye witness accounts and people also who are lately claiming contact with the Sasquatch. I will be bringing more interviews revolving around these communications in the future. Now I present to you my interview with Stan Gordon.

1. In all your years of research what has made you draw a possible connection to Sasquatch and UFOs?

Stan Gordon: In order to give a proper response to this question, I will have to give your readers some background information. I began my research into UFOs, Bigfoot & and other incidents in 1965. In 1970, I founded the first of three volunteer research groups here in Pennsylvania which would investigate multitudes of such reports over many years. Since 1993, I have continued to document these yearly occurrences as an independent researcher.

From my earliest days of research in regards to the Bigfoot phenomena, and as I began to investigate some local Bigfoot encounters, I felt that the evidence was pointing to the possibility that these observations were likely of some yet unknown zoological specimen. Then in 1973, a major series of unusual events began to unfold here in the Keystone State. It was during that period of time that cases occurred which suggested that the Bigfoot phenomena was much more unusual and complicated than I could have ever imagined. My first research unit, the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG) which was established in 1970, was by that time very active and had taken on a level of respectability across the state. UFO and Bigfoot reports were frequently being referred to the WCUFOSG to investigate from law enforcement agencies and the news media.

Among my volunteer research group were scientists, engineers, technicians, retired military specialists, etc., who could provide an open, minded investigation into the cases reported. It became apparent that many reports of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other phenomena could in many cases be explained as misidentifications of natural or manmade objects. There were on occasion hoax cases as well. There were however, strange encounters being reported yearly that were not so easily dismissed.

Starting on January 1, 1973, and continuing all year long, reports of strange lights and mysterious aerial objects were being commonly reported across the state. As 1973 continued to be very active with UFO incidents, the events that began to unfold that summer became much more interesting and very unusual. A major outbreak of encounters with Bigfoot creatures was being reported from widespread areas across southwest Pennsylvania as well as other areas. This series of creature encounters went on for months into 1974. As described in detail in my book, "Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook",there were days when multiple Bigfoot encounters were reported from widely separated locations.

In many cases there were daylight observations where the creatures were observed at close range. In other instances, there was more than one creature observed together. As the sightings continued, some of the details of the encounters became much stranger. Among the oddities reported were cases where both a UFO and a Bigfoot were observed at the same time and place. In one case, a UFO was observed on or near the ground and two Bigfoot creatures were observed in the same field. After the object departed and the creatures went into the woods, a state trooper who came to the scene to investigate observed a glowing area on the ground where the object had rested a short time before.

These reports were coming in from the general public from various statewide locations. These cases were investigated soon after they occurred, and as unusual as the incidents might have been, they could not be dismissed. It soon became apparent to myself and other investigators that there were other aspects to the Bigfoot phenomena that could not be ignored.

2. In many of your Bigfoot cases have any of the witnesses ever been harmed or have they seemed to react in a nature that was hostile evidence wise? I know there have been some cases of claw marks and things to that nature.

Stan Gordon: Reports of hostility to humans that encountered these creatures has been generally non-existent in the hundreds of Bigfoot cases I have investigated in Pennsylvania. There is no doubt that they are curious of human behavior and on occasion, have approached quite closely to people engaged in various activities. I have come across a few cases over the years where they have chased individuals but could have easily caught up with these people if that was their goal. I have heard a few unconfirmed stories which are rare of some cases of aggression towards humans, and these incidents sometimes reportedly involved white colored hairy creatures, which are not that often reported.

3. Tell us about some of the footprints found of Bigfoot and you've taken casts of them as well correct?

Stan Gordon: Here in Pennsylvania, both the typical five toed footprint as well as atypical three toed tracks have been reported and casted as well as photographed. While I have made numerous casts over the years of strange footprints, so have other investigators and witnesses. The most interesting track that I made a cast of was the three toed footprint found on a hillside behind a house, where something with glowing red eyes had looked into a window eight feet off the ground in 1973. Reports of strange footprints have been a part of Pennsylvania history for many years.

Adding to the mystery have been a number of other strange footprints that have shown up in various statewide locations over many years of tracks unlike the five and three toed variety. For example, some of the tracks were ape-like in appearance. In many of these cases, the tracks and the witness accounts appeared to be credible. This adds even more questions to the Bigfoot phenomena. Over the years various hoax cases were uncovered or in some instances strange tracks were reported that were determined to be normal animal tracks that became distorted in appearance from weather and ground conditions.

4. I personally believe Bigfoot are the Nephilim from ye ole holy Bible thus the weird UFO connection. To each their own though. Just a gut feeling I have and many others do as well. When it comes to witnesses of Bigfoot and UFOs together, What are some common traits that the witnesses bring up? Do they draw a connection between Bigfoot and the UFO and if so in what way?

Stan Gordon: First of all let me say that if I had not been directly involved with the investigation of these cases as they were being reported, I would be very skeptical of the reality of such incidents. When I first began in my early years of research into UFOs and Bigfoot encounters, I never gave any consideration that the two phenomena might somehow be related. Listening first hand to the accounts from frightened witnesses sometimes just minutes after their encounters, and finding bits and pieces of evidence at the scene of the events was very convincing.

The eyewitness reports of strange lights or aerial phenomena accompanying the appearance in the same area of a Bigfoot creature from such widespread areas could not be ignored. Let me stress again, most UFO incidents do not involve a Bigfoot creature, and most Bigfoot cases do not have a UFO observation associated with it. Most witnesses that we interviewed had no prior interest in such unusual matters. In some cases those involved asked us why the strange lights and the creatures seemed to show up at about the same time.

There is a small percentage of cases however where observers have seen both a UFO and Bigfoot at the same time and location. From the reports I have received from across the country and around the world, such cases might be much more common, but many researchers have been reluctant to publish such accounts for fear of ridicule from their peers. I don't know what if any direct connection exists between UFOs and Bigfoot, but it is my position not to pretend that such cases do not exit, but to try to find some answers and to encourage others to share such accounts.

5. How do you feel about people who call themselves Bigfoot Hunters compared to Bigfoot Researchers? To hunt means to capture or to kill so I don't like that name a whole lot. Researcher seems like a better choice. Plus of course the hunters never catch anything.

Stan Gordon: In all the years of doing research involving these unknown creatures I have never carried a firearm into the woods as I searched for evidence of their existence. I am against the killing of these creatures, and have used a scientific approach for gathering evidence while out in the field. There have been numerous cases I investigated where individuals have fired on these creatures, but in none of these instances was a creature brought down.

6. When it comes to Bigfoot never being captured or killed. Why do you think that is? I mean there have never been any bodies found whatosever to my knowledge. What kinda of intelligence do you think we are dealing with when it comes to Sasquatch?

Stan Gordon: Many years ago I began to question, as some skeptics do, that if there are so many yearly sightings of these elusive creatures why don't we have more physical evidence or a body as proof. During the 1973 Bigfoot outbreak, many strange incidents came to our attention which indicated that there may be other aspects to the reality of the Bigfoot phenomena, and as strange as it sounds indicated that at least some of these creatures may not be normal flesh and blood animals. One example was our investigators going out to various locations and observing a series of tracks that just suddenly stopped where there should have been more footprints.

The weirdest incidents as detailed in my book involved cases of Bigfoot-like creatures being shot at and just disappearing in front of the witness. One case that the state police also investigated occurred in 1974 in Fayette County, where a woman fired at a hairy creature with her shot gun only a few feet away and it vanished in a flash of light. It is my opinion that these were legitimate cases of strange events that I don't have the answers for, but can't be dismissed just because they are so unusual. It could be a clue as to why no bodies of these creatures have been found. There is much more to these mysteries then we understand.

7. You have spoken about a weird egg sulphur smell when it comes to Bigfoot experienced by witnesses and that even dogs have gone quiet. Why do you think that is and also any other strange signs and omens before or after or during Bigfoot contact?

Stan Gordon: In many close encounters with Bigfoot, witnesses report a strong obnoxious odor which some have described as smelling similar to rotten eggs, sulphur, rotten meat, etc. Such accompanying smells are not reported in all Bigfoot incidents.

The best evidence that I observed at the scene of some Bigfoot incidents a short time after they occurred was the unusual reactions of both domestic and farm animals. It was very significant in dogs that were in close range to a Bigfoot. Even the most ferocious dogs wouldn't bark, became still or shaken, and hid in their cages or under dwellings. In some cases they wouldn't eat normally for days later.

In one home where a creature had looked into a window nine feet off the ground such a smell permeated the house for a few days. I could still smell it when I went there to investigate. In some cases observers have reported odd sounds prior to a creature observation. Some have reported guttural animal sounds and others have spoken of an odd metallic noise. There are

some cases where people have reported seeing a bright flash of light in the area before or after and encounter. Sometimes heavy poundings on the side of homes and trailers have also been mentioned.

8. Can you share a few cases with us that are UFO Sasquatch related and what you found captivating about them?

Stan Gordon: On a farm near Derry, a Bigfoot creature kept making repeated appearances as reported by various witnesses. Within minutes after the creature would be seen, strange aerial objects would be observed on the property. In Beaver County, two women watched a white hair covered creature running across a road into the woods carrying a small glowing sphere of light in one hand. Outside of Uniontown, a glowing object lands and two Bigfoot creatures are observed in the pasture at the same time.

A woman fires her shotgun at a Bigfoot creature only a few feet away and it disappears in a flash of light. At about the same time a luminous object hovers over the nearby woods. These are just a few examples of some of the cases reported. In many of these cases those involved were badly frightened and had trouble dealing with what had taken place. I found it most interesting that similar accounts were being reported from widely separated locations many miles apart.

9. When it comes to the UFO cases have any of your witnesses ever seen Aliens or claimed to have been abducted? What can you tell us about some of the intriguing points of some of your UFO cases?

Stan Gordon: I have investigated many low level, close range UFO incidents in Pennsylvania since the 1960's. A few of these cases involved observations of life forms that generally described very humanoid creatures. One case I investigated that occurred in 1968 involved several people including one witness who was an extreme skeptic of the UFO phenomena until he had this experience. In this case, he observed small humanoid beings on the deck of a large solid craft that was hovering about 50 feet off the ground near his home. I was one of the early investigators of alleged UFO abduction cases, and over the years, we have looked into a number of such claims. One witness from the 1960's who claimed to have been involved with such an event described the creatures as looking like, "a Pillsbury doug boy".

10. What is Stan Gordon up to in the future and are you working on any future books or projects you can share with us or maybe cases? Wink Wink. =)

Stan Gordon: This year marks 53 years of involvement in investigating such mysterious events. I still have never had my own personal encounter with a UFO or Bigfoot. My current involvement is to continue to document and investigate current Pennsylvania cases that continually come to my attention. My current investigations involve some very detailed close range cryptid and UFO cases of recent date and I expect to publish some details on these cases in the near future. I am actively educating the public on these subjects through my lecture series. While I am not currently working on another book, future publications in my "Really Mysterious Pennsylvania" series is a good possibility.

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About Stan Gordon

Stan Gordon was trained as an electronics technician, specializing in radio communications. He worked in the advanced consumer electronics sales field for over forty years. Gordon began his interest in the UFO subject and other strange incidents at the age of ten in 1959. In the late 1960's, he acted as the telephone UFO sighting report investigations coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh.

Stan began in the field investigations of UFOs and other mysterious events in 1965, and is the primary investigator of the December 9, 1965, UFO crash-recovery incident that occurred near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. In 1969, Gordon established a UFO Hot-line for the public to report UFO sightings to him to investigate.

In 1970, Gordon founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG), the first of three volunteer research groups which he would establish to investigate UFO sightings and other strange occurrences reported in Pennsylvania. Since November, 1993, he continues to investigate and document strange incidents from across the Keystone state as an independent researcher.

Gordon is a former PA State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and was its first recipient In 1987 of the MUFON Meritorious Achievement in a UFO investigation Award. Gordon has been involved with the investigation of thousands of mysterious encounters from across Pennsylvania. He has appeared on numerous local and network news and documentary shows, including the Syfy Channel (formerly the Sci-Fi Channel), Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Fox News Channel. He has been featured on many television shows, including Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and Creepy Canada.

Gordon has been the focus of numerous national and international newspaper stories and magazine articles, some of which include the Pittsburgh Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Denver Post. He has been a guest on many national and international radio shows, including the popular radio show Coast to Coast. Gordon is also the producer of the award winning 1998 video documentary, Kecksburg: The Untold Story. He is also the author of the books, Really Mysterious Pennsylvania, and Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook. He has written numerous articles about UFOs and strange encounters, and many books and publications have included his research as well.

Stan also writes a column for the quarterly magazine, The GATE To Strange Phenomena, and a monthly column for the online monthly Southwest Pennsylvania magazine, "The Swerve".

Since the late 1960's, Gordon has been lecturing to the public on the UFO subject presenting illustrated lectures locally and nationally to social and professional groups, schools, colleges, libraries, and conferences. Among others, some of his lectures topics include a synopsis of Kecksburg UFO crash case, UFO and Bigfoot incidents, and mysterious creature encounters. Stan was a keynote speaker at the 2011 McMinnville, Oregon UFO Festival. He was the keynote speaker at the first World UFO and Paranormal Expo in Denver, Colorado in 2004. Other speaking engagements and updated UFO and other strange reports as well as other events can be found throughout this website.

To schedule Stan for a lecture or book signing, please call 724-838-7768, or email him at
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