The US has suspended food aid to North Korea after the country refused to cancel a scheduled rocket launch.

Washington says this breaks the deal in which North Korea agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment program and nuclear missile tests in exchange for humanitarian support.

Pyongyang says the launch is merely intended to send a satellite into space.

Rumors were confirmed recently of cannibalism in North Korea because of the serious nature of the starvation going on there, James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report told RT.

The people there are very much dependent on food aid provided by US, he believes.

"Any idea that NK can function as some sort of isolated community in the international stage is just absolute pie in the sky thinking."

The food aid cut is a clear example of the US shooting itself in the foot if it's trying to change the North Korean society power structure through a move like this. James Corbett is sure that the more the people are relient on Pyongyang for the food aid, the more centralized control authorities have over the country.

"Ultimately the only effect this will have is that it will make the people of North Korea even more dependent on Pyongyang and the central power it holds over the food supply," he explained.