Thierry Meyssan has written "Operation Sarkozy".

(Mr Sarkozy and the CIA. Based on Thierry Meyssan's "Operation Sarkozy" )

Here are some of the points Meyssan makes about Sarkozy and his government:

1. The CIA planned Sarkozy's rise to power and has influence on his government.

2. When Sarkozy became president, Alain Bauer was put in charge of the French intelligence services.

Bauer is the grandson of the Grand Rabbi of Lyon.

He is also former Grand-Master of the Grand Orient of France (a top mason).

And he is former number two at the USA National Security Agency in Europe.

3. Bernard Kouchner is France's Minister for Foreign Affairs.

He has ended France's pro-Arab policy.

Kouchner is of Baltic Jewish origin.

He took part in operations for Zbigniew Brzezinski in Afghanistan, alongside Osama Ben Laden.

Reportedly, the younger brother of Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzaï controls the heroin trade in Afghanistan. Reportedly, heroin is transported by the US Air Force to Kosovo. Reportedly, Haçim Thaçi distributes the drugs in Europe and America. The profits are used to finance the illegal operations of the CIA.

Karzaï and Thaçi are personal friends of Bernard Kouchner.

4. Christine Lagarde was Sarkozy's Minister of Economy and Finance.

Within Dick Cheney's Center for International & Strategic Studies, she co-chaired with Zbigniew Brzezinski a working group which supervised the privatisations in Poland. She organised lobbying for Lockheed Martin against the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault.

5. Sarkozy was offered a holiday in the USA at Wolfenboro, near President Bush's property. The bill was paid by Robert F. Agostinelli, a Zionist.

6. Sarkozy's half-brother Pierre-Olivier was appointed by Frank Carlucci (formerly of the CIA) Director of a Carlyle Group investment fund. (Investors in the Carlyle Group have included the Bushes and the Bin Ladens).

Mr Sarkozy and the CIA. Based on Thierry Meyssan's "Operation Sarkozy"

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