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30 people sat around Chen Rong-yu did not realise anything was wrong

A young gamer lay dead in an internet cafe in Taiwan for nine hours before anyone noticed.

Chen Rong-yu, 23, is thought to have suffered a heart attack after playing League of Legends for 23 hours.

He was apparently still sat on the chair with his hands stretched out in front of the keyboard as if he was still playing in the cafe in New Taipei City.

A waitress only realised he was dead after rigor mortis had set in.

None of the other 30 gamers around him had realised anything was wrong.

He went to the internet cafe on Wednesday and had been playing games solidly.

Chen Rong-yu was last seen making a phone call at around midday on Wednesday.

As the gamer took regular nap breaks they were not that alarmed to see him slumped in the chair.

Initial tests revealed he died after suffering a heart attack brought on by low temperatures, fatigue and lack of movement.

His family told the authorities he had been treated for a heart condition in September.