© Flickr: B Rosen
Just in case you needed a couple more reasons to delete that Nigerian email scam in your inbox, how about about kidnapping and the stinging international embarrassment for falling for the scam? That's what happened to a South Korean father and daughter who thought they were cashing in on tens of millions of dollars and instead had to be rescued after being held captive by a Nigerian gang.

"While most instantly hit the delete button, the unnamed 65-year-old from South Korea and his daughter, in her 30s, evidently had a trusting nature," reports The Guardian which added that the two arrived in Johannesburg last week. "The suspects allegedly tasked a driver to fetch the victims from O.R. Tambo airport. The driver and the two Korean nationals were kidnapped and kept at a house in Meadowlands, Soweto," said a South African Police Service official.

What happened next would be funny if, you know, it didn't involve actual, real-life people: $10 million ransom negotiated down to $120,000, being held hostage for four days, and the South Koreans leaving town before they could testify. "They declined to testify because they were traumatised," the police official added. "They were also embarrassed at being lured to South Africa. This is common once victims discover they've been fooled." The gang, five Nigerians and one South African, will appear in court on Monday reports said.