A University of California student who was shot in a campus computer lab not far from the scene of anti-Wall Street protests has died of his injuries, the university said on Wednesday.

Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis, 32, died late on Tuesday afternoon, hours after the shooting at the Haas School of Business, university spokesman Dan Mogulof said.

University police say there is no indication that the incident was related to a day of rallies Berkeley linked to anti-Wall Street protests.

"There is no information at this point in the investigation suggesting that this is anything other than an isolated incident," Mogulof said.

Mogulof said Travis was an undergraduate transfer student who started classes at Berkeley in the fall and that family members had been told of his death. He said he did not know where Travis had transferred from.

University police chief Mitchell Celaya told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday that officers responding to a call of a man with a gun in the lab shot the suspect when he pulled the weapon from his backpack and displayed it in a threatening manner.

Lyle Nevels, chief information officer for the Haas School of Business, has told Reuters that the incident began when a staff member told him he had seen a young man pull a gun from his backpack in an elevator.

Nevels said he went to look for the man and saw him speaking to people in the computer lab.

Nevels called police and said responding officers confronted the man in the lab. He said he heard three or four shots after they told him to drop his weapon.

"I heard a scuffle, I saw the police say 'Drop your gun', and then I heard shots," Nevels said.