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Dr. Jerome Corsi
Dr. Corsi, author of new book also speaks out on Trump motives

Dr. Jerome Corsi, whose latest book Where's the Birth Certificate stated that since publication of the book he has received many more leads that point to President Obama being ineligible to be Commander-in-Chief.

Dr. Corsi is a senior staff writer with WorldNetDaily, the largest independent news site on the internet. He has spent over three years of research for the book including trips to Kenya and Hawaii. In the past five years, Corsi has written five New York Times bestselling non-fiction books including Unfit for Command and The Obama Nation.

In an exclusive interview with the Greeley Gazette, Dr. Corsi said after only four days of sales the book is already on the New York Times bestseller list. "There is no way this controversy is going to stop" and the mainstream media will have to continue covering the issue.

While the book has been heavily criticized by Obama supporters and the White House, Corsi said no one has offered any specific problems with the book. "They say the book is all lies, but do not offer any specifics. There are over 125 documents in the book. The reader can see it is well substantiated."

Corsi continued, "They are not taking on any specific points in the book and showing it is in error." Corsi stated the reviews on show a stark contrast between supporters and detractors. "Those supporting it are going into great details regarding the evidence in the book. The reviewers who dislike the book only offer vague comments and it is evident they have not read the book."

When asked about media coverage of the book thus far, Corsi said there is an obvious double standard regarding coverage of Obama's eligibility. "My first chapter I detail the extensive media coverage regarding McCain's eligibility while they gave Obama a pass on the issue."

Corsi said with the help of publications like the Gazette, "The American people will see that Obama is not eligible and he has been lying about his birth story."

Corsi was deported from Kenya prior to having a press conference discussing information he had found in the country. He said that he still had sources in Kenya that were providing him information. Recently the Kenyan government revealed they had "information" that relevant birth records may have been removed or missing.

When asked about Donald Trump, Corsi said he is distrustful of Trump's motives for pursuing the issue. Corsi said he has spoken to Trump on multiple occasions and told him if he was still "in the game to ask for the original vault copy and call for it to be tested by forensic experts to determine if it was authentic." He also told Trump to call for for the release of the hospital records detailing Obama's birth. "Trump wouldn't touch those issues." Corsi continued, "Then he gets a $60 million contract for The Apprentice. I'm waiting to see if Trump begins to build casinos in Chicago for Rahm Emmanuel."

Many have stated the long form birth certificate released by the White House shows multiple signs of forgery. Corsi said Doug Vogt, an international expert on scanners and document-imaging software, has filed a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI regarding the document.

"Obama now owns this document. He cannot go back and release a different copy saying they made a mistake." Corsi is referring to the multiple versions of the short form shown to the public. "The Obama presidency depends on that document being authentic."

Corsi, who has said he believes the document is a forgery, was asked why the White House could not produce a better forgery after three years. "The White House could not put out a request for a proposal to get the best forger in the country for the job. They are stuck with a small inner group." He went on to say, "Forging a document in this day and age is difficult because there are so many experts who can spot a forgery right away."

Corsi also said he did not know why the White House released an electronic file. "According to the official record they flew out to Hawaii and obtained paper documents, but those documents have never been seen. All they released was a Xeroxed electronic copy of the document which is not a certified copy."

Corsi said he is conducting an investigation into the identity of the forger and he is getting very close. He said he believes the forger coded his name into the document. The stamp of the registrar says "txe record on file" instead of "the record on file" on other similar documents. Other clues include a hidden "E" that looks like a smiley face in the signature of Alvin Onaka, the Hawaiian State Registrar.

"I've got a couple of suspects in mind that I'm trying to pin down." Corsi continued, "Forgers have a lot of pride and like to be recognized, they leave trace marks in their documents to help find out who they are."