Apparent random shootings in a southwest Houston neighborhood have residents on edge. A victim who was shot in the back has been upgraded to good condition. For the first time, we're hearing from a second victim who was shot in the same neighborhood, also for no apparent reason.

The shootings happened along Bob White near Ariel. Many of the neighbors along Robindell are strongly suggesting anyone steer clear of that intersection. They say this mysterious gunman has them feeling like prisoners in their own homes.

There is a huge reason you won't catch too many neighbors outside their homes near Bob White Drive in Robindell right now.

"Everybody is very scared," said neighbor Mary Thayer. "Very scared."

Neighbors are scared knowing two people have been shot in the last week and a half while walking along the street. We spoke with one woman who was shot in the shoulder.

She said, "I'm still shocked. I'm afraid to go outside whether it's here or anyplace."

The woman said she's too afraid to be identified since police have yet to arrest the mysterious gunman who injured her and shot another man in the back on Bob White last week.

"First I thought it was an accident maybe," she recalled. "But now that it happened to somebody else, I just think somebody's having fun at the expense of other people's pain."

Neighbors are also concerned the shootings are happening too close to McNamara Elementary.

"It's very serious," said parent Gigi Nevil. "It's very scary."

The random shootings now have HISD and Houston police increasing patrols in the area. Parents say school buses are also keeping kids away from the intersection the shooter has been targeting.

Nevil said, "My daughter rides the bus. Her bus driver has changed her route so that she actually pulls her closer to the house, which is thoughtful."

Police are still interviewing several people in these shooting cases.