Police say the Longview couple accused of endangering their 14-month-old baby were so high they were hallucinating. CBS 19's Abby Broyles details the latest on the investigation.

When police arrived at the 200 block of Clay Street Monday night, they say the homeowner, 34-year-old Jason Beasley, was hallucinating on drugs and chasing after imaginary people with a knife and a pistol.

"Mr. Beasley was very paranoid, very upset, and very agitated," Longview Police Dept. spokesperson Kristie Brian said.

Police immediately called child protective services when they found a baby lying in a crib inside the house. Neighbors had called police after Beasley told them that someone killed the mother of his child, Misty Rhodes. She wasn't dead. Rhodes was nearly unconscious inside the home.

"Police were able to wake her up there at the scene, but she was just very disoriented and hard to wake up. She didn't know what was going on," Officer Brian said. "Due to some things she told police, she was also arrested for endangering a child."

She told police that she and Beasley had consumed methamphetamine in the previous days. Investigators did not find any evidence of meth at the scene, but they say Beasley was hiding a film canister of narcotics in his underwear. Investigators have not determined if Rhodes had consumed those pills.

Neighbors say Beasley and Rhodes have kept to themselves since they recently moved onto their street.

"They're new neighbors. We don't know anything about them - they've only been over here for about 2 months. Nothing like this has ever happened, this has been a quiet street."

Beasley and Rhodes have bonded out of jail. The infant remained in CPS custody Wednesday. Police tell CBS 19 that a grand jury could indict Beasley and Rhodes on additional charges after the case is handed over to the Gregg County District Attorney.