Acapulco,- So far in the month of May, 60 tremors have been registered in Guerrero, mostly in the Richter range of 3 or 4. Monday afternoon a tremor of 4.3 was felt and an earlier one of 5.5 was registered on May 5 with the same epicenter, in the municipality of Ometepec, in the Costa Chica, to the east and south of Acapulco. More than one-third of the tremors taking place in this month in Guerrero have had their origin in the Costa Chica.

Five tremor epicenters have occurred within the municipality of Acapulco since May 1, all of them between 3 and 4 on the Richter scale. The tremors felt in Guerrero in the first two weeks of May is double the number registered for the same period last year.