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The TSA says it is exploring ways to revise its airport screening procedures for children.

This after video surfaced of a 6-year-old girl being given a pat-down.

The latest example of the sensitivity comes from a video, now making the rounds on the Internet.

It was recorded by the parents just last week, at the airport in New Orleans.

It shows a girl, said by the unidentified parents to be 6, at the security checkpoint.

The mother is heard asking if the child can't simply be screened again instead of patted down: "Can't she just be re-scanned?"

The female screener uses the back of her hand part of the time, and also runs a hand around the inside top of the girl's waistband, explaining every step in advance as the child's mother watches.

When the mother posted the video on You Tube she called the process "groping."

After TSA began the more intensive airport screening last fall , which includes more use of full-body scanners and more intrusive pat-downs.

TSA said it would use a modified version of the pat-downs for children under 12.

Now, after reviewing the video from New Orleans, TSA it's satisfied that the screener followed those current procedures.

But screening children remains a touchy subject.

TSA has changed its policies since a video came out three years ago, showing a three-year old girl, already upset at being separated from her teddy-bear, screaming during a pat down.

And security officials say the government will never exempt an entire category of passengers from pat-downs -- whether by age or physical characteristics -- because, they say, that would invite terrorists to exploit those exceptions.

But a TSA official says administrator John Pistole has seen the video from New Orleans, and has been pushing the agency to respond more to intelligence and assessments of risk.

In a written statement, TSA says Pistole wants to move away from a one-size-fits all system ... and that it's reviewing its policies to improve the screening experience for low-risk passengers such as children.