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Asked about a possible cease-fire in Libya, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the situation "fluid and dynamic," but warned the Libyan regime that the U.S. is "not going to be responsive or impressed by words," and that the U.S. "would have to see actions on the ground."

She said that the situation is not yet at all clear, but that the U.S. will continue to work with their international partners to press Khaddafy to leave.

Clinton said the international community will need to see a clear set of actions operationalized on the ground, and that Khaddafy's forces must move a "significant distance" away from the East. She added that there has to be an accounting for of what has already happened, and that Khaddafy has left the international community with "no other choice" but to pursue the course of action taken with the U.N. Security Council Resolution.

After meeting with her Irish counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore, Clinton said that the U.N. resolution is just one step, and that the international community will continue to consider other options and explore the most effective measures for dealing with Khaddafy.

Clinton also stressed that it is important to take this "one step at a time," adding that the diplomatic effort over the past few weeks has been "very intense" leading up to last night's vote.