Far North Earthquake
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North Pole - A 4.8 earthquake rattles the far North Pole at a depth of 10 km at NORTH OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA (number 5 grid in Yellow) on the map of the Arctic Pole. The peculiar nature of the location of this quake leads us to conclude that since the magnetic north pole is now racing towards Russia and the Earth has been under constant bombardment from the rabid sheer of the solar winds over the last 48 hours, that this is a trembling effect in magnetic field generation- perhaps one more tangible sign that planet's magnetic field dexterity is insidiously eroding. We've been watching seismic anomalies under Greenland and strain starting to show across Antarctica from the recent bout of planetary tremors that have occurred over the last 4 months. Below are the latest telemetry seismic data readings from (top) Antarctica and Greenland (bottom).

Antartica Tremors
© The Extinction ProtocolAntarctica telemetry data.
Greenland Tremors
© The Extinction ProtocolGreenland telemetry data.

USGS data can be found here.