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People who live in northern Faulkner County are feeling the ground shake again.

Seventeen earthquakes happened in the Greenbrier area Wednesday between 3:30 in the morning and 11:05 in the evening. The strongest of those registered 3.5 on the Richter Scale. The second strongest was a 2.9 tremor.

There have been dozens of quakes since Monday around Greenbrier according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Click here for more information.

According to Wikipedia, earthquakes that register 2.0 to 2.9 in magnitude are classified as minor and are generally not felt. There are about 1,000 of these everyday around the world.

Those that measure 3.0 to 3.9 are also classified as minor. They are often felt, but rarely cause damage and there are 49,000 of them around the world daily.

KARK 4 Facebook fans posted the following Wednesday morning after the first few earthquakes:

Teresa Crites "We are having some nice earthquakes again here in Greenbrier, the USGS registered one at 2.2, I don't think so or the 2.7 yesterday we have had 3 feelable ones here since 4 pm yesterday. Are they "downsizing" them because of local fears?"

Leesa Bryant "We had earthquakes in Greenbrier this morning. Do you know what the # was on the Richter Scale?"

Karen Burnett Schmidt "I swear we had 2 earthquakes here in Greenbrier this morning. Both just seconds long, & the 2nd one stronger than the 1st. Nothing fell from the walls, but it shook the closed doors hard. I felt the earth move underneath me! Had tremors reported here b4 but this is my 1st time to fell them. 1st one I just shook it off as some type of ......big work truck nearby making things rumble, but the 2nd one was definitely earth moving. Anyone else reporting it?"

In checking earthquake data from the USGS, the strongest earthquake in Arkansas in recent months (until Wednesday's 3.5 and 2.9) registered a 3.1 in Guy on December 13, 2010.

The information also shows the latest earthquake swarm in northern Faulkner County started in Guy on June 2nd, and there have been hundreds of earthquakes in the area since then.

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