© Mikhail Metzel, AP fileRussian spy Anna Chapman is enticing viewers to watch her television show by promising to reveal "all secrets."
Russian spy Anna Chapman is enticing viewers to turn on her new Russian television show by promising to reveal "all the secrets."

But that won't be about her years of undercover work in the United States -- these secrets are about the mysteries of the world.

The director of documentary programs at the private REN-TV network says Chapman's Friday night debut program will focus on stigmata and other skin marks. A seductive tagline for the show cites Chapman as saying "I will uncover all the secrets, if you have the courage."

There are no plans for any show on espionage, Mikhail Tukmachyov was quoted as saying in Friday's Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

Tukmachyov told online journal that Chapman will also investigative the reported spontaneous combustion of a 4-year-old child in a town near Moscow.

The 28-year-old Chapman was one of 10 Russian agents exposed in the U.S. and deported last summer in the biggest spy swap since the Cold War. She has not publicly discussed her role as a spy, and Tukmachyov told the newspaper the subject was taboo during filming.

"We don't talk about the situation that made Anna famous. We understand that her activities were in the interests of the state," Tukmachyov was quoted as saying.

Chapman, with her glamorous looks and sassy demeanor, has capitalized on the massive attention accompanying the spy scandal. She has played up her Bond girl image, by stripping down to lingerie in a photo shoot for the Russian edition of Maxim, appearing on the cover of the November issue under the caption "For Your Eyes Only."

A month earlier, she attended a Russian rocket launch in Kazakhstan where she brushed aside questions from a reporter.

She has also become the new celebrity face of a Moscow bank that works with aerospace industries and joined the leadership of the youth wing of the main pro-Kremlin party.