Something it up the sky in the Madison area Wednesday night, the question is - what was it?

Dozens of people called the 27 Newsroom shortly after 10:00 PM to report a bright light in the sky. Calls came in from all over south central Wisconsin, and from as far away as St. Louis.

Sharon Wisniewski, spokesperson for the Dane County Regional Airport, confirms pilots on two aircrafts witnessed what looked like a bright meteor in the sky. They believe it burned out. One pilot was flying a helicopter, the other a plane.

Ken in Madison said the sky "Lit up just like daylight" and then it was gone.

Tara in Oregon told us she saw a bright green light come from the west before disappearing in the southeast.

Rhonda in Fitchburg said something lit up the large windows in her home, and within moments, it was gone.

Cheryl in Dodgeville says she saw a bright flash of light and then her house rumbled.

Callers in Livingston and Clyde Township claim they not only saw the light, they felt an impact.

People in as far away as Westfield report seeing the light, and questioned whether it was a plane in trouble.

27 News Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier says it is possible a large meteor passed through the area, but it's hard to know exactly what caused the bright light. "Most meteors never reach the ground." He said. "They typically disintegrate in the atmosphere." Lindmeier says the disintegration could cause a rumbling sound.

If you have pictures or video of the whatever it was that lit up the sky, please call or email the 27 Newsroom.

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