In what is typically the hottest month of the year, Calgary is still suffering from a dismal seven-month trend of temperatures well below seasonal averages, Environment Canada said yesterday.

Senior climatologist David Phillips said Calgary's temperatures have been sagging below average since November of 2008 and this July is no exception.

"For seven months, it's really been a long bout of cold weather; in all the months since last November conditions have been consistently lower than normal," he said.

"It's disappointing it's been cold for so long -- normal this time of year should be a high of 23 degrees and you've been lucky if you get 16."

The afternoon temperatures for July have been about two degrees cooler than they should be, said Phillips, adding Calgarians were also doused with rain each day for 11 days straight June 30 through July 10.

What's perhaps most surprising about the trend is Calgary saw its hottest day of 2009 in the month of May when the mercury climbed to 27.5C.

Yesterday afternoon, Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning for Calgary after 40 mm of precipitation was anticipated.

Today's forecast isn't much better, with meteorologists expecting more rain and Calgary's temperature to peak at just 15C.

Kris Sigmeth, who works as the director of operations for some of the Herbal Magic locations in Calgary, said she's crossing her fingers the rest of the summer shapes up, as she hasn't been able to schedule much golfing.

"This feels like spring, this is April ... it just doesn't seem normal," she said as she watched yesterday's afternoon downpour. "It's a little disappointing, I hope we get a summer."

Sunday and July 4 tied for the hottest July day in Cowtown, both hitting 25.2C but still well below what is usually considered a scorcher during a Calgary summer.

"Typically you would have had a 30-degree temperature in June and more of them in July, but there's still a lot of summer to go," said Phillips.