The current unseasonable cold across northwest Europe is not the only place where the arctic hound is calling as yet another blast of reality gets lobbed into the base camp of agenda driven warmingistas, who of course refuse to see anything that could possibly challenge their false idols. I will not say that the cold that has been occurring is a sign an ice age is on the way, but it is a sign that people world wide had better wake up to the idea that the "science is in" crowd does not want them to see facts.

First of all, cries out of the US government based NOAA of here comes El Nino are 5 months late to a party I starting throwing last winter. They are out of touch on this being a warm year unless of course they get to skew the data worldwide.. The satellites which measure temps without instrument bias have been seeing the cooling. But here we find the private sector saying something 5 months before, the US government mets suddenly seeing it, and issuing a) el nino watches and then b) taken the nonsensical step of saying we will have a hot time because of it. The El Nino is coming while the PDO is cold, and a winter more harsh than last year may be shaping up for Europe.

But not before my hot summer in the central and east. And next week at this time you should see forecasters start reacting to it and in two weeks screams of how hot it got will take over.. But it is nice to see the current cold doing its job in a way that in spite of a media that seems to ignore such events, it is showing up.

So remember that when it gets warm, it was easy to see it coming ( posts, when I get to them, have been saying that) but its all part of nature and the idea that man can control what it does not own, or did not create, should make sense to any one with a lick of common sense.

The warmth shall return, but the Nanook of the north lives... and Europeans should be prepared for a cold winter given what we see is going on now.

When the warmth does return to places that have cooled down.. cherish it.